Digital lifestyles

Digital lifestyles
  • Place: “Vilnelė” Cultural Center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius
  • Dates: from January 1st to December 31st, 2016
  • Participants: tėvai ir paaugliai
  • Financial support: 2400 € from Foundation Fabre 


Seminar for Parents: “Relations with tweens”
Date: April 2016
Location: Vilnius
Participants: 18 parents
Seminar description: Parents were introduced to the knowledge of adolescence from different points of view as well as in the management of the most common conflict situations in dealing with children of these ages.

Seminar: “Character Education and digital lifestyles”: The Keys to the education of children in the digital world. For more information visit:
Date: 18-20 October 2016
Location: Rome (Italy)
Participant: Kristina Zamaryte Sakaviciene, the main reader of the seminar “Digital lifestyles in preadolescence”

Seminar for Parents: “Digital lifestyles in preadolescence”
Date: November 2016
Location: Vilnius (Lithuania)
Participants: 30 families from Vilnius, Kaunas, Kaišiadorys.
Activity description: the contents of the professional seminar in Rome was transmitted in order to provide tools for parents or for educating their preteens in their “digital life”.
Using the World Café ( method, participants were divided into small groups to discuss the topic “The influence of new technologies in the life of tweens” moderated by a professional of this area.

Sessions for teens about digital life
Date: November 2016
Location: Vilnius (Lithuania)
Participants: 20 teenagers from Vilnius.
Description of Activity: Content of the seminar in Rome adapted to adolescents for discuss and contrast -pros and against- use of new technologies.