Summer socialworking camps

During the summer young people from a lot of countries spend time in activities which they would not usually do back in their hometowns during the academic year. During these camps they have the opportunity to focus on the needs of others and to work for them, rendering useful services to the community.

This is an opportunity to spend some time with the elderly and to help them, to learn patience, generosity and gratitude from them, to do some interpreting, to help them communicate with the girls from Barcelona and Pamplona (Spain) and to occupy the children’s time in various leisure activities. At the camp people feel that they can help others, appreciate what they have and learn to be more thankful for everything they have.

The work provided by service professionals cannot be reduced to a series of tasks which fulfill certain particular needs of the clients: its scope extends beyond this. By means of word, gesture and action, these tasks express the value of the persons who carry them out; because they manifest that they are capable of perceiving the dignity of the person they serve. This is a goal and a challenge that permeates the social activities held along the academic year as well as the camps organized in summer.