We can… HELP!

Contribution to raising and increasing awareness of the need to integrate poverty-stricken and marginalized members of society.
  • Location: Kretinga
  • Age: 14 – 17 years old
  • Project duration: 1st July – 30th October, 2012
  • Exchange dates: 15 – 29th August, 2012
  • Participants: 34 schoolgirls: 17 of them from Lithuania, the others from Spain
  • Financial support: 17.055 € from UE
  • Partner: Fundació Montblanc per a la Promoció de la Dona

Creativity and entrepreneurship of young people in the field of voluntary work.

Project aims:

  • Encourage youth awareness, consciousness and sense of responsibility for social problems that affect our society, such as poverty and marginalization.
  • To enhance youth creativity (generating ideas) and foster initiative to improve their own surroundings, environment and daily life by taking action and part in voluntary work programmes.
  • To reveal the mutual benefit of voluntary work: on the one hand, voluntary work appears to be certain means of social, professional and personal development and growth; on the other hand, it is an instrument to contribute to solving social problems.
  • Deal and cooperate with social groups that can feel excluded from the rest of society (lonely and elderly citizens living in nursing homes, poverty-stricken families and lonely people).
  • To learn to discover the potential in every person and make the best from it by using it for goodcauses such as solving problems.
  • To create the suitable conditions for young people to meet representatives of older generations (the elderly).
  • To increase awareness and consciousness of what European citizenship means by first of all learning to appreciate one’s own country and its value and heritage (its people, history, language).
  • To establish friendship bonds with youth of different social and cultural backgrounds.