Shaping our children in perennial values

Strengthen family ties and relationships with children in the delicate stage of 10-14 years of development
  • Place: “Vilnelė” Cultural center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius
  • Dates: from 2017, February 1st to 2018, January 31st
  • Participants: parents
  • Financial support: 3000 € from Foundation Fabre 

The conference agenda would be as follows:

  1. To inculcate a sense of responsible use of freedom in children (February 25th), Maria Luisa Martin Muñoz (Spain)
  2. How to develop a child’s character? Development periods and temperament influence (March 25th)
  3. Defeat laziness. How to motivate children to learn (April 22nd)
  4. Family entertainment: development of closer relationships (May 20th)
  5. Develop moderation to reinforce the will (September 23rd)
  6. Sexual and emotional education for children (November 23rd), Inès Pelisse du Rausas (France)