Discover Europe through the way of st. Jacob

Organize conferences and discussions, familiarization with the common European roots.
  • Place: Santiago de Compostela
  • Age: 17 – 23 year old
  • Date: 30th October-7th November, 2010
  • Participants: total 39 participants (11 from Lithuania, 28from Spain, Latvia and the Netherlands)
  • Partner: Foundation CUME“ (Spain), Youth Club Borcht“ (Netherlands), Association for Education and Culture(Latvia)
  • Financing: 5.100 € for Lithuanian group

Project aims:

  • Organize conferences and discussions, familiarization with the common European roots.
  • Learn to assess the parties involved in this project, the arts and cultural assets that will contribute to fostering tolerance among young people.
  • Overcoming the obstacles and difficulties in the road through personal effort and mutual assistance.
  • Learn to waive prior negative attitudes, which may be played off against young people. The road is a great opportunity for dialogue and openness in the development and distinctiveness of each person’s uniqueness and recognition.
  • Become moreinterested inourhistory,traditionsand customsthe opportunityto sharewithother young peopleisauniqueopportunity.


  • Exchange programs, debate topics of interest to young people, such as customs, future plans, beliefs, social differences, violence, injustice and solidarity.
  • Athletic overcoming of the Road (route Vigo – Santiago).
  • Visiting places, having historic and artistic value.