Create Europe from the new Europe

To strenghthen European values such as respect, mutual understanding and cultural diversity.
  • Place: „Skała“ Akademikos centras, Kokuvoje
  • Data: March 17 – 23, 2008
  • Age: 15 – 17 years old
  • Participants: 22 schoolgirls: 7 of them from Lithuania, the others from Latvia and Poland
  • Finansavimas: 1.150 € for the Lithuanian group

Topics: European awareness, art and culture.

Aim of the project:

  • To get to know the real and everyday life of Poland, Lithuanian and Latvian people, through their architecture, ordinary life culture, history and thus to appreciate the values these nations contribute to the European Union.
  • To instill in youth the need and wish to preserve and support the architectural heritage of their nations and so become better European citizens.
  • To create friendships bonds amongst the youth of the three participating countries through exchange programmes.
  • To strenghthen European values such as respect, mutual understanding and cultural diversity

This project demonstrated that:

  • Youth care for their country;
  • Youth are interested in the heritage and art of their country
  • For countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the European Union really means much more than a guarantee of economic stability.

We all want to contribute to the creation of a fairer society, to make Europe a space that accepts all the citizens of the world, in which there are suitable conditions for self-realisation. For comparative analysis we have chosen arts and culture topics, because we feel it is very important to understand the significance of this aspect in our country, looking at it from a European perspective. If the youth of today is the future of Europe, it will not be enough for young people merely to be well-disposed, idealistic and tolerant toward other nations and their religions and cultures; they will also need knowledge, information and objective analysis.