Conference of Baltic countries UNIV 2006 “The Influence of Mass Media on the Behaviour of Young People. Alternatives”

Rendering the Culture through Mass Media.
  • Location: Tallin, Cultural Center „Ravala“ and Tallin University of Technology
  • Age: 18 – 24 years old
  • Project duration: 1st July – 30th October, 2012
  • Exchange dates: 5 – 6th February, 2006
  • Participants: 30 students: 12 of them from Lithuania
  • Financial support: 1.000 € from UE for Lituanian group

Every year students prepare research work on the topic promoted by ICU institute, which later on (if it attains positive reviews of the commission) is presented during the congress. In 2006, students and teachers are invited to reflect on this topic of UNIV: “Rendering of Culture through the Mass Media”. Baltic Countries UNIV Conference 2006 is a local stage of UNIV, meeting of the lady students from Baltic countries and presentation of their research works.

Lithuanian ladies prepared and in the seminar presented these works:

1. Change of the Family Image in the Photographies
2. Influence of Mass Media in Forming City Face
3. Right to Privacy, Image and Reputation in Lithuania