Camp of Leadership, Languages and Adventures

The Camp of Leadership, Languages and Adventures is a seven-day long camp for girls from 10 to 17.
  • Location: “Pušynas” (Jadagonių kaimas, Zapyškio apylinkės, Kauno rajonas)
  • Age: 10 – 17 years old
  • Dates: 14 – 21st June, 2014
  • Participants: 59 schoolgirls
  • Financial support: 3.000 USD from Lietuvių katalikų religinė šalpos


During the camp students studied English and Spanish languages, had character building and leadership activities, as well as sports, they also participated in various artistic activities: they learnt to act, dance, sing and play the guitar, they also made jewellery. Students put themselves to a test in an adventure park, volunteered in the village of Lekėčiai and participated in fun evening programmes: quizzes, a dress sewing contest, plays, etc. In the timetable of the camp, there was time devoted to the teaching of the Catholic Church doctrine.


There were 19 volunteers from the U.S. (Lithuanian emigrants), Finland and Lithuania in the camp.