From home to family

The aim of the project: Provide parents the means to educate their children

1. Organizing interactive conferences on home care issues, as well as laying the foundations for communication and expression of love in the family in order to strengthen family ties.
2. Review of books translated from previous years with the Fabre project (Ineso Pelissié‘s books „Please talk to me about love“ and „Dad, teach me to love“, Fernando Coromino‘s „Education Today“ and „How to Build Will“).
3. Participating in the London Congress „The Face of Society, Society“ (19-20 October), organized by a worldwide recognized association in the field of family education: IFFD.

  • Place: Šeimų darželis, Žirmūnų 84, Vilnius and “Vilnelė” Cultural center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius
  • Dates: 2019, February 1st– 2020, January 31st
  • Participants: 201 Parents
  • Financial support: 3000 € from Foundation Fabre

Meetings during the project “How to manage your home professionally”, 11.00 – 12.30:

Subject Time Speaker
Organization of work at home:
– The value of homework
– Collaboration and common sense
– Family traditions
February 23th Edita Cis-Bankiewicz,
How to manage your home professionally: We are a team!:
– Roles in the family
– Rules
– Everyone contributes
June 8th Agata and Mantas Mažeikai, Director and initiators of the Kindergarten
Neat house
– How to fit into your home?
– How to find the right place for everything?
– How to keep order?
April 27th Asta Leščinskaitė, administrator
What are you making today?
– We eat together
– Balanced diet
– Menu of the week
May 11th Carmen Baena Vivar

Meetings during the project “Relationships in the Family”, Family Kindergarten (Žirmūnų St. 84, Vilnius), Saturday, 11.00-13.00:

Subject Time Place Speakers
The couple’s conversation is the way to communion October 26th Family Kindergarten Kristina and Aidas Matijošiai