EYESA 2017 Sevilla

Empowering Youth for Excellence in Social Action

Encourage young volunteers to become active members of their society, while supporting their efforts to compete in professional careers and social affairs. Place in Lithuania: “Vilnelė” and “Slėnis” Cultural Centers Dates: from 2017, May 1stto 2019, April 30th Participants: Youth Partners: Fundación Altum (Spain), Fundacija Sursum (Slovenia),EYES (Bulgaria), Fundación Juventud y Cultura (Spain), eShopSystem s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Institut für gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung, Bildung… Read more

How to Grow up an Happy Child?

"You parents can help discover your kids the necessary forces cope with life emerging challenges. Yes you give them the advantage that will determine not only the current, but also their future happiness. " (Didier Pleux) Place: “Vilnelė” Cultural center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius Dates: 2018, February 1st – December 31st Participants: parents Financial support: 3500 € from Foundation Fabre 

The conference agenda would be as follows:

18 02 10 My child’s way. Why is he and how to love him? 18 03…

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It’s time to think about your future

Help to decide which career is most suitable and look more into the future. Place:“Slėnis” Cultural center, Žemaičių 75A, Kaunas Age: 14-25 year olds Dates: from January 1st to December 31st, 2018 Participants: 25 students Financial support: 2000 USD iš Foundation for Social and Cultural Advancement


The objectives of the Project:

To share experiences… Read more

Camp of Leadership and Languages 2017

The Camp of Leadership and Languages 2017 is a seven-day long camp for girls from 9 to 17. Location: “Pušynas” (Jadagonių kaimas, Zapyškio apylinkės, Kauno rajonas) Age: 9 – 17 years old Dates: 17 – 23nd June, 2017 Participants: 48 schoolgirls from Lithuania and Latvia Financial support: 1500 USD from Lietuvių katalikų religinė šalpos


During the camp students studied…

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To develop the capacity of young people to set goals, to manage properly their time after the school distributing it well between homework, extracurricular activities and leisure time. Place: “Vilnelė” Cultural center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius Dates: from 2017, June 31st to 2018, May 31st Participants: Youth Partners: Fundación Pineda para el Fomento y Desarrollo de la Educación y la Cultura (Spain) ir Stowarzyszenie Podnoszenia Kwalifikacji Kobiet… Read more

Shaping our children in perennial values

Strengthen family ties and relationships with children in the delicate stage of 10-14 years of development Place: “Vilnelė” Cultural center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius Dates: from 2017, February 1st to 2018, January 31st Participants: parents Financial support: 3000 € from Foundation Fabre 

The conference agenda would be as follows:

To inculcate a sense of responsible use of freedom… Read more

Digital lifestyles

Digital lifestyles Place: “Vilnelė” Cultural Center, Algirdo 2-36, Vilnius Dates: from January 1st to December 31st, 2016 Participants: tėvai ir paaugliai Financial support: 2400 € from Foundation Fabre 


Seminar for Parents: “Relations with tweens” Date: April 2016 Location: Vilnius Participants: 18 parents Seminar description: Parents were introduced…

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Solidarity challenge

Solidarity challenge Location: Gargzdai and Krakow Age: 10 – 17 years old Dates: 2016, 17th-31st July Financial support: 500 USD Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid

The goal of “Solidarity Challenge” project – to encourage young people to do works of…

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Who Cares ?

,,Who cares?“ programa – Youth social awareness project Place:“Slėnis” Cultural center, Žemaičių 75A, Kaunas Age: 14-25 year olds Dates: from January 1st to December 31st, 2015 Participants: Financial support:

The increasing individualism, pragmatism and consumerism, the indifference and a wrong interpretation of tolerance and…

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking method in the social field Location: “Coast” school , Gargždai, Lithuania Age: 14 – 17 years old Project duration: 1st May, 2015 – 29th February, 2016 Exchange dates: 16 – 24th July, 2015 Participants: 29 schoolgirls: 14 of them from Lithuania,… Read more